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MySocialNexus enhances your personal branding. Whether you’re a Model, Actor, business professional, Entertainer, or Job-seeker, this easy-to-use solution presents you in an innovative and professional way.

Mobile-optimized, with both URLs and instant-scan QR Codes, you'll professionally present EVERYTHING you want your Fans, Clients, Friends, Recruiters, and Agents to know about you!

Include Social Media, Images, YouTube, Vimeo, Resumes, References, Testimonials, Sports Stats, Everything & Anything you want to make a powerful impact.

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Shut Up and Take My Money!  Check out the different configurations and select the one best for you! 
Here are some ideas and Samples.
MySocialNexus is a responsive web program, this means its secure, AND there's nothing for your fans, prospects, and clients to download - they access your info immediately!  there are SO MANY cool features -so check out everything here! 
Need a little Jumpstart?  Go here!  Interested in having us do all the graphics work and setup, check out our options!

Why Choose MySocialNexus?

We know you're busy


MySocialNexus is designed for people on-the-go.  It's easy to use and you can attach pictures & videos that you already have.  If you want to add your resume, just upload it and in seconds and your On-line Profile is updated! 

PC-user? Mac-user?  It doesn't matter!

MySocialNexus is web-based AND it's designed & optimized for Smartphones!  Realtime, Live, & FAST!

Remember, MySocialNexus connects ALL your social media, AND lets you curate your on-line profile th ensure you present info that makes you look great!

"Responsive" is Geekspeak for "It looks Great on any device"

No APP needed!  Our advanced web technology is secure AND the users don't waste time downloading an App! 

2 HUGE benefits of being "App-free"

  1. Instant access to your page(s) - no apps to download & install
  2. Apps need to be rebuild with every Android & ioS system release - that's expensive and time-consuming.
  3. Security-conscious users can be confident that their data is protected.

MySocialNexus automatically resizes your info to the best resolution of whatever device people are using - Smartphones, Tablets, and, Desktops!

Stand out from the Crowd!

MySocialNexus gives you a great landing page(s) and ties all of your Social Media together into 1 great place.  Plus, you add things like Events, Maps, Pictures, Videos - anything to build excitement about you, your band, dance troupe, Dutch clog dancing group - you name it!

Because MySocialNexus creates unique scan codes for EVERY section, it's an amazing way to have fun with your fans.  Place different scan codes wherever you want! People will be isntantly taken to the unique content, so the experience can be different each time!  Remember to update your info often, people love that!

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